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About Whitbys

You’re here because you know that climate disruption presents your organisations with risks and opportunities, and you want to have better conversations about how to adapt and thrive in the face of sustainability challenges. So are we.

Whitbys was started by Suzanne Whitby in 2004 with a focus on facilitating groups, building communication skills, and aligning teams. In 2007, whilst working in Spain for a few weeks, Suzanne had a conversation with a natural scientist about tuna, which led her to get involved in science communication. As soon as she did, the theme of climate change became ever-present. She continued helping scientists share their research by day (and still does) and spent her evenings researching climate disruption. Talking to business owners about the risks and opportunities that climate change may present in the future, she discovered that organisations were either blissfully unaware of future impacts, or actively burying their heads in the sand in the hope that the problem would go away.

That inspired Whitbys to shift its focus to help organisations become more aware of the risks and opportunities that lie ahead, and give them space to plan for a bright future. We understand the complex challenges that teams and organisations face in a rapidly-changing world, and the expertise, tools, and processes that we bring to the table are designed to unpick problems, guide conversations, uncover ideas and solutions, and help organisations thrive and grow.

Our flexible, accessible, and experienced team of facilitators and climate communicators is supported by climate scientists, sustainability experts, circular economy advisors, and communication specialists in Europe and internationally if the nature and scale of a project needs additional  expertise.


We’re driven…

People and communication are our drivers: every group involves people and those people communicate differently depending on context – their own, that of other people, and that of the workshop itself. We are fans of creating space for “H2H” or “human-to-human” communication address whatever comes up in meetings!

The organisations that we help come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that they all have in common is a commitment to working towards a better future by researching, rethinking, or tackling challenges relating to sustainability, climate change and social justice.

If you want to bring a group together to drive change, we’d love to put our facilitation “superpowers” to work for you to design and guide interactions that are engaging, participatory, and that yield rich results.

Suzanne Whitby, Professional Facilitator & Communication Specialist

Suzanne Whitby

For more than 20 years, Suzanne Whitby has been effortlessly combining her communication expertise, facilitation superpowers, and deep knowledge of the business world to help organisations and groups address complex challenges in a rapidly-changing world.

Endlessly curious about people and how they interact, Suzanne’s journey into the world of facilitation began with a degree in linguistics and language and has continued and developed over two decades of designing and managing projects across a range of sectors across the globe.

A lively and adaptable professional facilitator, moderator, and communication specialist, Suzanne draws on wide variety of communication methodologies, facilitation frameworks, processes, tools and techniques to design and facilitate workshops that encourage conversation, consensus and change. She is an empathetic and culturally-aware professional who adapts her style and approach to meet the needs of the many different clients she supports.

Suzanne is also the founder of SciComm Success, a training consultancy that helps scientists share their science, and Peak to Deep, where she facilitates climate and carbon literacy workshops.

  • Certified TetraMap® Facilitator, a framework that helps people and teams build relationships quickly, by using nature-based metaphors.
  • Participatory Strategic Planning workshop facilitator
  • PATH facilitator
  • Climate Fresk Facilitator, a tool for understanding the complexity of climate disruption.
  • En-Roads Facilitator, a tool for provoking thought and understanding about what policies can affect global heating and their consequences.
  • Carbon Literacy Facilitator

Suzanne has a BA in Language & Philosophy, a Masters in Classics (focusing on sensory studies), and is currently a PhD candidate at the VU in Amsterdam, where she explores participatory heritage and specifically the intersection of stories, the senses, and space.

Professional facilitation - associates

Associates and partners

We regularly work partner with fellow facilitators, moderators, trainers and communication experts across Europe and internationally when the nature and scale of projects require a larger team. This allows us to be agile, flexible and responsive to your needs without the overheads of a larger organisation.

Whatever your situation, we’ll either be able to help you with your needs, or help you find someone who can.


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It's always good to talk. That way, we can learn more about your specific needs, and we can give you some ideas about how we might work together.