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About us

People: we are a tight-knit network of professional facilitators, communication specialists, learning experience designers, climate scientists, trainers, storytellers, thinkers, writers, and social scientists. We believe that it is possible to use today’s sustainability challenges to ask “What if…” and “Why not?” to envision and create a thriving future for organisations, society, and the natural world.

Suzanne Whitby

Founder, CEO

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Media Expert

Dr. Martin Graus

Scientific Advisor

Professional facilitation - associates

Associates and partners

We regularly work partner with fellow facilitators, moderators, trainers and communication experts across Europe and internationally when the nature and scale of projects require a larger team. This allows us to be agile, flexible and responsive to your needs without the overheads of a larger organisation.

Whatever your situation, we’ll either be able to help you with your needs, or help you find someone who can.


We’re driven…

People and communication are our drivers: every group involves people and those people communicate differently depending on context – their own, that of other people, and that of the workshop itself. We are fans of creating space for “H2H” or “human-to-human” communication address whatever comes up in meetings!

The organisations that we help come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that they all have in common is a commitment to working towards a better future by researching, rethinking, or tackling challenges relating to sustainability, climate change and society.

If you want to bring a group together to drive change, we’d love to put our facilitation “superpowers” to work for you to design and guide interactions that are engaging, participatory, and that yield rich results.


Think a chat might be worthwhile?

It’s always good to talk. That way, we can learn more about your specific needs, and we can give you some ideas about how we might work together.