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Here’s a question for you: do you want your organisation to grow and thrive in the face of today’s sustainability challenges?

Challenges? What challenges?

Oh, you know. “Little things” that pose significant risks to your future success, like:

  • Dependence on outdated models in times of rapid change
  • Resource insecurity
  • Unexpected supply chain failures
  • Move to low carbon policies resulting in stranded assets in fossil fuel investments and failings in financial returns
  • Increased compliance demands requiring better standards of practice, and the risk of hefty penalties for failing to adhere
  • Public and consumer expectations for organisations to take responsibility, take action and be transparent, which can make or break a reputation

And that’s just for starters…

So you want your organisation to flourish in changing times. Great!

The bad news is that there isn’t a single “silver bullet” to help you do this.

The good news is that by harnessing the extensive knowledge that already exists in your organisation, we can design workshops and facilitate conversations to help you:

  • Make sense of the challenges that climate change presents – because this is where a whole pile of challenges start;
  • Identify possible risks and untapped opportunities; and
  • Define goals and strategies that you can implement so that you can adapt and thrive in times of unparalleled change.

Learning experiences, facilitated workshops, and productive conversations

At its simplest, we help you bring a group together to make sense of today’s climate challenges, tackle complex problems,  and envision and embed a new future. Then we keep you accountable as you adapt and grow.

We do this with:

  • interactive training that gets everyone in the group on the same page when it comes to sustainability and climate change
  • facilitated problem solving workshops, risk and opportunity workshops, future thinking workshops, and participatory strategic planning programmes
  • a deep understanding of the risks posed by climate change and today’s sustainability challenges
  • structured accountability sessions and project planning meetings

Our people

We believe that it is possible to use today’s sustainability challenges to ask “What if…” and “Why not?” to envision and create a thriving future for organisations, society, and the natural world. Meet our people

Suzanne Whitby

Professional facilitator & experience designer

Dr. Martin Graus

Scientific Advisor

Like what you’ve seen so far?

If the answer is yes (and we hope it is!), there are two things that you can do:

Think a conversation might be helpful?

Call us on +43 660 378 2939, send us a note at [email protected], or book a Zoom call directly into our calendar.