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Raising awareness about today’s sustainability issues through workshops and training

Let me help you build awareness about the most pressing environmental, climate and sustainability issues and guide groups to think critically about risks, opportunities, and adaptation and mitigation strategies.

You want to:

Give people an opportunity to make sense of environmental and climate disruption and make sure that everyone is on the same page so that they can think critically about what they can do in the face of rapid change.

I offer:

Engaging, interactive workshops, training programmes and experiential events that raise awareness and help people take the first steps to creating a more sustainable future.

Some of the sessions I offer include:

Climate Fresk | Deep Time Walks | EnRoads Simulations | The Ecological Handprint | Carbon Literacy Training | Bespoke Workshops

Do you want to discuss how awareness-raising workshops, training and events can benefit you, your group, and your organisation (if relevant)?

Get in touch and let’s arrange a time to speak.

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Awareness-raising workshops & sustainability training

I wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for all your support and efforts in helping us with this moderation. I admire your flexibility and adaptability to whatever curveballs we end up throwing at you, your ability to spontaneously reshuffle and reconceptualise the sessions, and your upbeat attitude and energy! It is always a pleasure to work with you, and the sessions are always extremely engaging and fruitful.

Special Assistant to Director

Agency within an Intergovernmental Organisation