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Professional facilitation and training that empowers action and adaptation in the face of today’s climate-related challenges.

We believe that it is possible to create a thriving future.

We are a team of professional facilitators, communication specialists, learning experience designers, trainers, storytellers, writers, social scientists, and climate scientists who believe that it is possible to avoid climate disaster and create a thriving future through conversations, communication, and climate awareness.

We facilitate conversations.

Need to get a group together, hear all the voices in the room and take a strategic approach to launching an initiative or growing a business? Our professional facilitators provide space and structure for teams and groups to tackle challenging topics, solve problems, spot opportunities, engage in conversation, make decisions, and help you move in a direction that will ensure that you flourish in our changing world.

We teach communication skills.

Everyone talks about the importance of “effective communication” but when it comes to communicating science, environmental disruption, and climate change, things get tricky. We design and deliver communication workshops for scientists, researchers, organisations, and climate communicators that that transfer knowledge, help people put learning into practice, and equip them with practical skills that they can use right away.

We help people make sense of climate challenges.

Climate change isn’t something that will happen in the future: the world is already changing. So how can change the story from one of “doom and gloom” to one of “living and thriving”? We provide workshops and training that make sense of the climate system and empower businesses and individuals to take action and contribute to creating a bright future in which people and planet flourish and businesses prosper.


I wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for all your support and efforts in helping us with this moderation. I admire your flexibility and adaptability to whatever curveballs we end up throwing at you, your ability to spontaneously reshuffle and reconceptualise the sessions, and your upbeat attitude and energy! It is always a pleasure to work with you, and the sessions are always extremely engaging and fruitful.

—Special Assistant to Director, Agency within an Intergovernmental Organisation


Professional facilitation for organisations who want to understand and navigate sustainability challenges, and thrive in the face of climate disruption.

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Training scientists, researchers, and communicators to talk about climate change clearly, authentically, and effectively.

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Interactive workshops that build understanding around climate change and empower action and adaptation.

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