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In my quest to understand the world into which ChatGPT has exploded, I thought that understanding more the different types of AI might be interesting. Different experts seem to have two, four, or even seven categories. Here’s are the categories that I’ve found helpful for MY thinking. As always, a disclaimer: I am not an AI expert, simply a curious individual with a technical background (albeit in the distant past!)

The categories:

Reactive Machine Intelligence – aka “Narrow” or “Weak” Intelligence

A type of artificial intelligence (AI) that is restricted to a single functional area like self-driven cars, an email spam filter, chess-playing programmes.

Limited Memory Intelligence

AI systems that can use past experiences to inform their decision-making, but they have limited memory and cannot draw on a wide range of past experiences. For example, Netflix’s “Based on what you have watched, you may also enjoy…” or online retailer’s suggestions of “You may also be interested in this.”

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

An advanced form of Al capable of performing any task a human can do and which can specialise in multiple areas, like reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, and abstract thinking.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

This doesn’t exist yet, but if you’ve watched Star Trek, then this is probably Data! If you haven’t watched Star Trek and don’t know who Data is, then it might be helpful to know that SI will be the most potent form of intelligence to ever exist on this planet. It will be able to perform all the tasks better than humans because of its inordinately superior data processing, memory, and decision-making ability.