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Understand climate disruption and what it means for you and your organisation

Sustainability and climate change area fast moving topics with lots of “moving pieces”. We offer interactive workshops and programmes to bring everyone up to speed with they mean to your business and to them as employees, and facilitated sessions to equip teams to make the most of future opportunities. 

All workshops can be run online/virtually as well as in-person and onsite, and most can be offered as one-off events or a series of bite-sized sessions. The topics can be adapted for talks at conferences and other gatherings.

Understanding the BIG picture with Climage Fresk

A 4-hour workshop based on the Climate Fresk card game. By the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of the complexity of climate change, the consequences of inaction, and clear ideas of next steps – for them or their organisation.


Carbon Literacy Training

A 6-8 hour learning experience accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. By the end of the session, participants will have a clearer understanding of the role of CO2 emissions in the climate crisis, tools and knowledge to reduce individual and organisational emissions, and an action plan to start putting their ideas into action.


"Many routes" workshop

A highly-interactive 2-hour workshop in which participants experiment with different climate solutions and policies to prevent the planet from over-heating. Participants become aware that there are many routes to tackling the climate crisis, and have an opportunity to explore how this presents risks and opportunities for your organisation.


Your Ecological Handprint

In this energising and empowering 2-hour workshop, participants learn about the concept of their ecological handprint, and explore ways in which they can become “net positive” and take actions that outweigh their ecological footprint.


Build your own workshop

If you’re not sure what you need, or you’ve taken a look at our workshops and want something a little bit different, let’s have a conversation. We work with a wide range of organisations and often create customised workshops to meet niche requirements.

To make things simple, why not book a 30 minute call directly into our calendar? We’d love to hear more about your goals and help you explore your options and what approaches might serve you best.