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Team alignment and communication workshops


Align a team

Are you bringing a group of people together to work on a new project? Do you have an existing team where you feel that communication could be a bit better? Our nature-based approach can improve communication and get everyone on the same page.

We  transform the way teams work together by facilitating team alignment programmes that break down barriers, open up communication channels, unlock creativity, and generate trust. ​

We use TetraMap® as a basis for our facilitated workshops. This nature-based framework builds on the four classical elements of earth, water, air and fire and nature a metaphor to describe different preferences, perspectives and priorities, teams have a shared language and a safe way of exploring how they work together.

Participants each complete a TetraMap® profile to identify their individual elemental preferences and those of colleagues. Working as a team, we then use this understanding to explore what the results mean for the team, it affects communication and relationships both within and outside the team, and how they can be more effective as a team. Depending on the needs of the group, as TetraMap® can be used as a basis for developing a shared team vision, values and objectives.

When might a team communication and alignment workshop be useful?

Typically, we work with two types of teams:

  • Existing teams who are experiencing communication breakdowns and behavioral conflicts.
  • Newly-created teams who will soon be working together in a department or on a new project.

What sorts of outcomes can I expect from team communication and alignment workshop?

 Our team communication and alignment workshops can be used to:

  • ​Help people get to know and understand each other better
  • Enable team members to appreciate and harness diversity within the group
  • Identify, value and use the preferences, strengths and skills within the team effectively
  • Increase trust 
  • Improve communication 
  • Promote greater collaboration within and between teams
  • Develop a shared vision
  • Identify and agreeing shared goals and plans
  • Increase team spirit, morale, and motivation

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It's always good to talk. That way, we can learn more about your specific needs, and we can give you some ideas about how we might work together.