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Suzanne Whitby, Professional Facilitator & Communication Specialist

Suzanne Whitby

Founder, CEO

Whitbys’ eponymous founder has been effortlessly combining her communication expertise, facilitation superpowers, and deep knowledge of the business world to help organisations and groups address complex challenges in a rapidly-changing world. She brings to our work a deep concern about today’s climate-related societal, environmental, and economic challenges, and is committed to serving the needs of our clients with whatever combination of approaches, tools, and insights help them best.

A lively and adaptable professional facilitator, moderator, and communication specialist, Suzanne draws on wide variety of communication methodologies, facilitation frameworks, processes, tools and techniques to design and facilitate workshops that encourage conversation, consensus and change, and communication training that helps communicators shift behaviors. A proud South African who has lived all over the world, Suzanne now resides in Innsbruck, Austria. She is an empathetic and culturally-aware professional who offers over two decades of experience of designing and managing projects across a range of sectors across the globe, adapting her style and approach to meet the needs of the many different clients she supports.

Suzanne holds a BA in English and Philosophy, an M.A. in Classical and Sensory Studies, and is a trained Participatory Strategic Planning workshop facilitator, PATH facilitator, Climate Fresk Facilitator, En-Roads Facilitator, Carbon Literacy trainer, and certified TetraMap® Facilitator. She continually seeks to increase her knowledge of climate change, solutions to current challenges, and facilitation and training to help forward-thinking people drive change, and has recently completed training in circular economy thinking and in sustainability in heritage. She is researching the effects of storytelling, senses, and space on sustainable thinking when time allows as a PhD candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Suzanne also teaches communication skills at Interactory, runs climate workshops at Peak to Deep, and lectures in science communication at Innsbruck University.

You may not know: Suzanne is a profession oral storyteller in her spare time. Catch one of her shows if you’re in town, or join her on a deep time walk.


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