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Coming in 2023 – Sustainable Futures Shorts: the Podcast

When it comes to talking about protecting the environment, mitigating climate disruption, and transitioning to a sustainable future, the news can be dire.

The Sustainable Futures Shorts Podcast is short and hope-filled, and gives people an insight into some of the positive and effective things that people and organisations are envisioning, doing and creating to tackle today’s sustainability challenges. Through stories of action and positivity, the purpose of this podcast is to inspire others to become more hopeful and take action themselves, no matter how small. 

I would like to be on your podcast

How lovely! Get in touch and let’s set up a time to speak and let’s see what we might speak about and when.

Book a call directly into my calendar or send me a message and we’ll work something out via email.


How are you doing?

Very well! Thanks for asking. It’s always nice to open a Q&A on a friendly note!

Isn't it "greenwashing" to focus on solutions and actions?

No. Greenwashing is “when a company or organisation spends more time and money on marketing themselves as being sustainable than on actually minimising their environmental impact” (Earth.org). 

The Sustainable Futures Shorts podcast isn’t about big brands and their ESG and carbon off-setting activities. This isn’t new or cutting edge – it just needs to be done. Instead, the podcast gives a platform to people coming up with solutions that drive action: in their communities, in industry, in regions. It’s purpose is to shine a light on the good work that is happening right now, and to give people a reason to start acting.

But we need to act now! Small changes are useless, aren't they?

Yes, climate scientists and activists want major change and they want it now, and yes, that would be lovely.

The thing is that this isn’t happening. Humans evolved slowly. Organisations change slowly. The wheels of politics roll slowly. This can discourage people. They think, “Oh well, if I can’t make major changes then I may as well not bother.” But that’s the wrong way of thinking. Small, consistent changes are still important in helping to create sustainable futures for us all.

This podcast serves to show that change IS happening, the solutions ARE out there, and that it is most definitely WORTH taking action, even if your action is small.

Why is it so short? I expect my sustainability podcasts to be at last 1 hour long!

Attention spans are short. Our podcasts aren’t intended to sell something, nor are they designed to fill airtime in podcast-land. Instead, they existing to make people curious about one idea, one solution, one exciting “thing” that is being created or implements to tackle today’s sustainability challenges.

We trust that if people are interested enough, they can use the search engines to learn more!

I wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for all your support and efforts in helping us with this moderation. I admire your flexibility and adaptability to whatever curveballs we end up throwing at you, your ability to spontaneously reshuffle and reconceptualise the sessions, and your upbeat attitude and energy! It is always a pleasure to work with you, and the sessions are always extremely engaging and fruitful.

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