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Professional sustainability communications & training | Image of a person placing post-it notes on a sheet of paper in a communication training course

Sustainability & communication skills training.

We help brands, thought leaders, rising stars and sustainability communicators learn the skills they need to communicate at their best.

From practical speaking skills to hands-on digital communication know-how to values-based communication and interpersonal communication skills, we can help you and your team build the skills you need to talk about sustainability themes clearly, confidently and authentically.

Communication skills training.

We offer practical, enjoyable communication skills training to help you get your message across, as well as workshops that build your understanding of climate and sustainability communication, values, and making shifts to human behaviour.

Some of our training themes include:


Presence, speaking & presentation skills training and coaching that helps participants learn how to use their voice, non-verbal communication, their presence, and the ability to tell compelling stories and narratives to engage audiences in person and through recordings.


Interpersonal and intercultural skills training, to help people recognise their communication tendencies, identify the communication tendencies of others, and learn how to build bridges between the two to encourage better interactions, more productivity, and stronger working (and other) relationships. We use two tried-and-tested tools in our work:

  • TetraMap™ (a nature-based framework to help individuals and teams build bridges and communicate better)
  • Building intercultural intelligence (a workshop designed to help individuals and businesses communicate effectively across cultures)


Hands-on learning and practical skills training, for example:

  • How to create an impact report
  • How to manage a WordPress website
  • How to design and build your own website
  • How to find and craft narratives and stories
  • How to write for online audiences
  • How to plan and implement a social media strategy
  • How to create and promote a podcast
  • How to work with videos and images.

Sustainability communication workshops, designed to help you talk about sustainability, climate change and hopeful futures in a way that people understand, want to listen to, and encourages action. Topics include:

  • Overcoming unconscious bias
  • How to create behaviour change with your communications
  • Storytelling for change
  • Storytelling for social justice
  • How to talk about climate change/sustainability/regeneration without losing your audience.

The power of values to drive and embed change, a workshop based on the work of the Common Cause Foundation in the UK, and Shalom H. Schwartz’ s research into values and motivation theory.

Sustainability, climate change and circular economy workshops.

We offer sustainability training and workshops to build an understanding of today’s sustainability challenges so that you can involve and engage employees and stakeholders in your sustainability vision and journey.

All workshops can be tailored to your needs. Get in touch to chat about the options we offer, or to have a short taster session to one or more of our workshops.

Some of the workshops we offer and themes we cover include:


Understanding the BIG picture of climate change with Climate Fresk, an interactive, half-day workshop to build understanding of climate change, its consequences, and the action we can take – individuall and collectively – to make a difference.


Shifting from linear to circular thinking, a participatory workshop that helps people understand the linear economy, why it’s a problem, and how and why a circular approach can help us tackle many of today’s sustainability challenges.


Carbon Literacy Training, a full day of training designed to build understanding of climate change and what businesses can do to reduce emissions and move to more sustainable ways of working. Accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project.


Celemi Sustainability, a workshop that uses a world-class simulation to help participants experience sustainable decision-making for themselves to understand how sustainability for people and planet is essential to the long-term sustainability of a business. The workshop tagline? Sustainability is (also) good for business.


Other workshops: we also offer:

  • Deep Time Walks
  • Participatory Strategic Planning
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Agile workshops: problem solving, rapid product prototyping
  • Lego Serious Play ®

Suzanne is one of these rare people who actually lives up to everything their website and LinkedIn profile say.

From the outset she understood me and my vision, and was quickly able to help me achieve the goals I needed to move my business forward. Her skillset meant she was able to give me advice and practical support in communication and marketing, and she acted as a mentor throughout the process so that I was able to build skills of my own, which was great. Suzanne manages to combine professionalism with an approachable, enthusiastic personality – all effortlessly. With her strong organisational skills, coupled with an ability to transfer ideas into a practical solution and her flare for creative thinking,

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Since working with Suzanne I’ve already seen benefits; with an increase in interest for my work and increased confidence in myself when marketing myself. I truly look forward to working with her again in the future.

Andréa Watts

Speaker & trainer, Coaching Creatively With Collage

Our areas of expertise

When we work together, many of our skills come together to make the magic happen. Here are some of our areas of expertise that we leverage to help you communicate your sustainability goals, progress, or ideas.


Strategic planning:

Aligning your sustainability vision with your communication strategy in our participatory workshops.


Communication strategy:

Devising clear communication strategies to engage and involve internal and external stakeholders.


Content strategy:

Developing an editorially led  content strategy that will connect with all your audiences.


Content writing:

Crafting clear messages and transforming them into engaging blogs, well-researched articles and white papers, press releases, speeches and other content that your audiences want to read.


Impact reports:

Sharing your sustainability progress and impact, backed up with evidence and narratives to showcase your credentials and inspire stakeholders.


Storytelling & narratives:

Uncovering your most compelling sustainability stories and helping you use them to capture attention and encourage action.


Branding & identity:

Exploring your brand values in the context of your sustainability vision and ensuring authenticity and consistency.


Artwork & design:

Turning your ideas into visuals, creative artwork, designs and impactful presentations that amplify your messages, using the right format and words for your audience.


Digital marketing:

Harnessing the power of your online presence and digital channels to present your products, services, ideas and sustainability insights in line with your vision and values.



Bringing your messages to life with a combination of audio and podcasts, videos, and mixed media content.


Scripting and voice-overs:

Helping you craft interesting, high-impact scripts for videos and podcasts, and then finding the right voice to make them sparkle.


Practical support:

Providing on-demand support in whatever capacity your team needs: insightful questions to identify problems, strategic consulting, writing and “doing”, and general “helping out.”



Creating safe spaces and clear meeting structures for groups to talk about things that matter to them and make decisions to move them forward.



Hosting and moderating live events and panel discussions, and conducting interviews to help you gather insights and content for critical content.


Coaching, mentoring & accountability:

Working with teams and individuals to discover their “hows” and “whys”, help them stay focused and on track, and act as a sounding board and “shared brain” to ideate and innovate.


Knowledge transfer:

Sharing knowledge with teams and individuals, and helping them build practical skills – “on the job.”


Communication training:

Participatory workshops, practical training, and interactive coaching to help individuals and teams build skills to communicate better.


Sustainability workshops:

Building knowledge of today’s sustainability challenges to engage and involve employees in your sustainability vision so that they can contribute to your shift to sustainable ways of working and your bright, thriving future.

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