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TLDR: My notes on use Jasper.ai and other content creation tools. May be helpful to fellow facilitators, trainers and workshop designers interested in how to use emergent and generative AI in their work.

Let’s dive in

Jasper (other tools in the alternatives below) is a tool that purports to create fabulous content 10x faster than you could. Sign up for their free plan and you can do all sorts of things: summarise content, create emails, create web copy, and so on. The free plan limits you to a certain number of monthly credits, after which you have to pay to do more content creation. Paying also gives you access to premium templates.

How I’ve used it: I have mostly used it to check the content that I create. It turns out that I am a prolific writer – 6,000 words before lunch isn’t unusual, although that’s just quantity, not quality! – and because I work alone, I don’t have the luxury of being able to send my content to someone else for their input or edits. I have been using Jasper (and to some extent, ChatGPT) to get feedback on my content, alternative structures, and alternative tones (witty, professional, angry etc.) and I’ve found this useful in becoming more critical about my own writing. I’ve tried writing a couple of emails, but they’re a bit “salesy” for my taste – almost certainly because I am offering the wrong prompts.

How other people are using it: Phew. To create content of all sorts: blog posts, website content, emails, presentation content, and you-name-it.

Pros: nice, intuitive interface. I’ve found the “how would Jasper rewrite this” test useful in improving my writing. I haven’t used anything that it has created though! For anyone struggling with content, this is an interesting place to start, and it’s probably a great tool for generating loads of decent content that can be refined and then used as-is. It’s also useful for non-native speakers who want to create content in another language, although I’d be sure to double-check anything that Jasper creates, just in case.

Cons: for me, the prospect of a world filled with more content is depressing. Where is the original human thought? Maybe we’re not that original after all…

Try it out: you can sign up for an account with some free credits.

Learn more: https://www.jasper.ai/

Trying it out

I used the Content Improver on my home page intro text (which I am quite fond of, it has to be said!). This is what the interface looks like:

Here is my original text:

Building understanding of what a warming world means.

My name is Suzanne Whitby, and I am a communication specialist, facilitator, trainer and climate communicator.

With 20 years of experience of working with communication in all its forms, raising awareness about climate disruption, facilitating workshops, and training people to get their messages across with clarity, I offer a number of practical solutions to help individuals, groups and organisations understand, talk about and tackle today’s sustainability challenges.

Wherever you are on your journey, I’d love to help you create a sustainable future.

Here is what Jasper suggested:

  • Option 1:
    Suzanne Whitby is a leader in climate communication and sustainability solutions. With 20 years of experience, she provides practical strategies to help you understand the realities of our warming world so that together we can create a sustainable future for us all. Let’s join forces with her today!
  • Option 2:
    Suzanne Whitby is here to help build an understanding of what a warming world means. With two decades’ experience in communication, climate science and training, she offers practical solutions for tackling today’s sustainability challenges – helping individuals, groups and organizations take meaningful steps towards a better future. Let her knowledge be your guide!
  • Option 3:
    My mission is to help you build a better understanding of the effects of climate disruption and its impact on our planet. With 20 years’ experience in communications, I am here to provide exceptional training, workshops and guidance towards sustainability solutions that will make long-lasting positive change for individuals, groups or organizations – wherever they are on their journey. Let’s work together in creating an environmentally conscious future!

What do you think?


Writesonic (writesonic.com/)
This has chat functionality, but is also useful as tool for creating content, like Jasper. Free limited plan, registration required. [I’ve been told that this results is a lot of spam email – perhaps use a temporary email address for this.]

Rytr – (https://rytr.me/)
Not as slick as Jasper but a good alternative and it’s free forever (with an option to upgrade as you run out of the free goodness)

Copy AI – (https://www.copy.ai/)
A lovely interface, although the content output isn’t as good as Jasper or Rytr