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For sole traders & micro-businesses.

Sole traders, micro-businesses, and start-ups are in the enviable position of being able to shift to sustainable ways of thinking and working, without having to get involved in complicated sustainability reporting. But this can sometimes feel overwhelming.

  • What does sustainability mean for a tiny-but-growing business?
  • Is a sustainability strategy really necessary?
  • How much time and energy do you need to invest in creating a strategy, measuring your success and talking about what you are doing?
  • And frankly, how the heck do you communicate what you are doing through the lens of sustainability?

Strategic sustainability planning

Using our tried-and-tested process, we’ll invite you to think strategically about sustainability, what it means for your business to call itself “sustainable” and what risks and opportunities a shift to sustainability means for you. Together, we’ll design a simple strategy that is realistic for you and your resources.

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Communication planning and implementation

We’ll translate your sustainability vision and goals into clear messages for your team (if you have one) and for your stakeholders. Then we’ll craft a communication campaign that you can run internally, or that I can run for you.

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Mentoring, accountability and building skills

It’s hard to be responsible for (almost) everything in your business: managing director, head of sales, marketing manager and now, sustainability manager! We offer a mix of mentoring, accountability and skill-building to help you keep focused and on track with your sustainability and communication goals.

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I have worked with Suzanne on a number of different projects and have consistently been pleased with the results. The first was my branding and website, for which she was able to take my rather vague descriptions and turn them into works of art that told my (rather niche) audience exactly what I offered.

Later she helped with another website for a client, and later still, she provided story-boarding support, designed an explainer video and and even provided the voiceover for another project. Suzanne always comes through - highly recommended!

Rachel Madan

Sustainability Consultant, Greener Museums

Our areas of expertise

When we work together, many of our skills come together to make the magic happen. Here are some of our areas of expertise that we leverage to help you communicate your sustainability goals, progress, or ideas.


Strategic planning:

Aligning your sustainability vision with your communication strategy in our participatory workshops.


Communication strategy:

Devising clear communication strategies to engage and involve internal and external stakeholders.


Content strategy:

Developing an editorially led  content strategy that will connect with all your audiences.


Content writing:

Crafting clear messages and transforming them into engaging blogs, well-researched articles and white papers, press releases, speeches and other content that your audiences want to read.


Impact reports:

Sharing your sustainability progress and impact, backed up with evidence and narratives to showcase your credentials and inspire stakeholders.


Storytelling & narratives:

Uncovering your most compelling sustainability stories and helping you use them to capture attention and encourage action.


Branding & identity:

Exploring your brand values in the context of your sustainability vision and ensuring authenticity and consistency.


Artwork & design:

Turning your ideas into visuals, creative artwork, designs and impactful presentations that amplify your messages, using the right format and words for your audience.


Digital marketing:

Harnessing the power of your online presence and digital channels to present your products, services, ideas and sustainability insights in line with your vision and values.



Bringing your messages to life with a combination of audio and podcasts, videos, and mixed media content.


Scripting and voice-overs:

Helping you craft interesting, high-impact scripts for videos and podcasts, and then finding the right voice to make them sparkle.


Practical support:

Providing on-demand support in whatever capacity your team needs: insightful questions to identify problems, strategic consulting, writing and “doing”, and general “helping out.”



Creating safe spaces and clear meeting structures for groups to talk about things that matter to them and make decisions to move them forward.



Hosting and moderating live events and panel discussions, and conducting interviews to help you gather insights and content for critical content.


Coaching, mentoring & accountability:

Working with teams and individuals to discover their “hows” and “whys”, help them stay focused and on track, and act as a sounding board and “shared brain” to ideate and innovate.


Knowledge transfer:

Sharing knowledge with teams and individuals, and helping them build practical skills – “on the job.”


Communication training:

Participatory workshops, practical training, and interactive coaching to help individuals and teams build skills to communicate better.


Sustainability workshops:

Building knowledge of today’s sustainability challenges to engage and involve employees in your sustainability vision so that they can contribute to your shift to sustainable ways of working and your bright, thriving future.

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