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Facilitators’ Laboratory (#FacLab)

A monthly gathering for facilitators to experience, learn, share

The pandemic opened up a whole new world for facilitators to network across timezones, borders and cultures, and we want to keep this going online.

#FacLab (or The Facilitators’ Laboratory – a bit long, we agree!) is a space where we’ll:

  • Introduce and new and interesting tools, methods and processes
  • Share experiences with groups – we’ll talk about online, hybrid, specific facilitation methods (ORID, ToP, art of hosting, liberating structures, and many more!)
  • Invite folks to demo cool things – either related to facilitation OR to the business of being a facilitator
  • Have discussions around topics suggested by participants

If you come along, you’ll get to help us choose the direction of our meetings, so get involved and tap into the power of the collective brain!!

We meet once a month, usually (but not always) on a Wednesday, and we try to time meetings to make it possible for folks in many different timezones to come along.


Think a chat might be worthwhile?

It's always good to talk. That way, we can learn more about your specific needs, and we can give you some ideas about how we might work together.