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Professional facilitation services

What we do: we design and facilitate workshops that help you understand climate disruption and its implications, and have constructive conversations and focused meetings to identify future risks and opportunities, build consensus, and craft strategies that enable you to adapt, transform and thrive in the future.


Climate change and how it affects individuals and organisations is a fast-moving topic.

We offer training and design interactive workshops that:

  • bring everyone up to speed on what sustainability and climate change means to your organisation and for the people who work within it;
  • build knowledge so that teams can start identifying and taking advantage of the opportunities that sustainability offers.

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Once everyone is aware of the potential risks and opportunities that climate change presents, what’s next?

We design and facilitate meetings and workshops that:

  • prompt productive conversations about sustainability challenges and opportunities
  • guide you through the critical steps needed to plan strategically for a changing future
  • identify and solve problems
  • align teams
  • build consensus
  • plant the seeds of change that will drive your organisation forward.

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Adapt & Transform

Once change is underway, you need to launch initiatives, manage hiccoughs and keep moving forward.

Our project, team, and problem solving workshops can:

  • help you kick-start sustainability initiatives with project kick-off meetings that get everyone on the same page
  • align teams and tackle communication challenges
  • identify and solve problems by leveraging the collective knowledge of the group
  • keep you accountable and on track as you work towards a thriving future.

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