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Professional sustainability communications & training | Image of the map of the EU

Communication support and training for European sustainability, energy, and Green Deal projects.

Communication and visibility are important for all EU programmes, as well as projects initiated by other project agencies. The thing is that sometimes communication isn’t quite as easy as expected.

We offer outsourced and on-demand communication consulting, support and training to help you reach your audiences and meet your project obligations.

Professional sustainability communications & training | Image of the map of the EU

Project-based support

Bring us in to help you plan and deliver communication deliverables for a whole project, or for one specific work package or task.

Depending on what you need, we can form part of your core strategic team or we can simply provide you with the practical support you need to get a set of tasks done.

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On-demand support

Sometimes things go wrong. Unexpectedly. Perhaps you’re stuck with a technical challenge. Perhaps you need to write a press release – fast! – and your internal content team is on holiday. Perhaps you’re simply out of time and you need some extra capacity.

Get in touch and we can provide you with on-demand support as you need it.

Communication training

You may have a communication team, but everyone in your project has a role to play in talking about your work, progress and results. We offer practical, interactive training programmes as well as short, bite-sized learning webinars to help all your project partners communicate at their best.

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Meeting facilitation

Is your project large and filled with interesting people, beautiful brains, and lots of different personalities? If the answer is yes, that can mean that kick-off meetings, progress meetings and review meetings can be tricky. Let us design and facilitate your meetings so that they run smoothly and yield results, online or on-site.

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Planning and managing events

We can help you plan events large and small, from planning agendas to booking venues, and creating pre- and post-event content to moderating panels.

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Invite us to partner with you

Need a communication and dissemination partner for your EU-funded project? We’d love to chat. We provide communication support throughout the project lifecycle, from creating a communication strategy and crafting a plan to practical implementation, covering newsworthy events and developments, project milestones, project launch and writing the final report.

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Need an outsourced communication expert on your team?

Are you in the business of managing the support, project management and communication for multiple European projects? Do you want to add capacity to your team without hiring an employee, or are you looking for someone to manage a specific project in your organisation’s name?

We’re always happy to provide outsourced support, whilst acting as part of your in-house team

Sample projects

Outsourced expert for Think Europe

Communication support for the Smart Cities Marketplace

Storytelling & narrative training for Green Deal project partners

I have worked with Suzanne on several communication and marketing projects.

She is truly a gem as a person and a marketing powerhouse. The depth and the breadth of her know-how has always left me speechless, as does the the scope of her creative and technical knowledge.

Her work is impressive. She has this endless creative mind and she not only have fantastic business ideas, but she seems to be able to put them in action in no time. What tops that all is that she is super easy to work, honest, very responsive, very helpful and always on the lookout for the best option for you. And it seems she operates on a different time dimension than the rest of us… Wonder woman exists after all!

Ursula Webhofer

Marketing Manager

Our areas of expertise

When we work together, you can mix and match our skills and expertise to make the magic happen. Here are some of the ways that we can support you in achieving your communication goals.


Strategic planning:

Aligning your sustainability vision with your communication strategy in our participatory workshops.


Communication strategy:

Devising clear communication strategies to engage and involve internal and external stakeholders.


Content strategy:

Developing an editorially led  content strategy that will connect with all your audiences.


Content writing:

Crafting clear messages and transforming them into engaging blogs, well-researched articles and white papers, press releases, speeches and other content that your audiences want to read.


Impact reports:

Sharing your sustainability progress and impact, backed up with evidence and narratives to showcase your credentials and inspire stakeholders.


Storytelling & narratives:

Uncovering your most compelling sustainability stories and helping you use them to capture attention and encourage action.


Branding & identity:

Exploring your brand values in the context of your sustainability vision and ensuring authenticity and consistency.


Artwork & design:

Turning your ideas into visuals, creative artwork, designs and impactful presentations that amplify your messages, using the right format and words for your audience.


Digital marketing:

Harnessing the power of your online presence and digital channels to present your products, services, ideas and sustainability insights in line with your vision and values.



Bringing your messages to life with a combination of audio and podcasts, videos, and mixed media content.


Scripting and voice-overs:

Helping you craft interesting, high-impact scripts for videos and podcasts, and then finding the right voice to make them sparkle.


Practical support:

Providing on-demand support in whatever capacity your team needs: insightful questions to identify problems, strategic consulting, writing and “doing”, and general “helping out.”



Creating safe spaces and clear meeting structures for groups to talk about things that matter to them and make decisions to move them forward.



Hosting and moderating live events and panel discussions, and conducting interviews to help you gather insights and content for critical content.


Coaching, mentoring & accountability:

Working with teams and individuals to discover their “hows” and “whys”, help them stay focused and on track, and act as a sounding board and “shared brain” to ideate and innovate.


Knowledge transfer:

Sharing knowledge with teams and individuals, and helping them build practical skills – “on the job.”


Communication training:

Participatory workshops, practical training, and interactive coaching to help individuals and teams build skills to communicate better.

Sustainability workshops:

Building knowledge of today’s sustainability challenges to engage and involve employees in your sustainability vision so that they can contribute to your shift to sustainable ways of working and your bright, thriving future.

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