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Climate communication and communication training for climate researchers, climate communicators and organisations.

Communicating environmental disruption and climate change can be a challenge, especially when you realise that sharing bare facts doesn’t necessarily result in action! We can help you craft, refine and share your message relating to climate change, and if you want to become adept at communicating climate yourself, we can equip you with the skills you need to get your message across.

Professional communication support for your climate-related messages

The world is awash with distractions, competing views and fake news. If you want to talk about your organisation, climate change and social, economic, and environmental impacts, we can help you cut through the communication clutter.

Our team of career journalists, professional writers, and editors use a rigorous, research-based approach to craft clear, fact-checked messages. We conduct interviews, research and dive into data to produce white papers, media reports, online content, presentation material and even speeches that are tailored to the people you want to reach.

We’re not corporate marketers, which means that we can work seamlessly with your in-house marketing and communications specialists to provide them with content and insights that they can share to your most important audiences in the right format, at the right time. Because we know how the media machine works, from the inside and from without, we can provide additional support relating to reaching the press if that’s helpful.

When you are ready to share your message far and wide, we can also offer insights and expertise into how to work with the media, and provide training and one-to-one coaching to ensure that your presentation, speech, and public conversations are polished  and professional.

Curious? Let us tell you more!

Climate communication training

Key Messages Workshop

If you want to get a message across to non-expert audiences about environmental disruption, climate change, and what we need to do to mitigate (and adapt), the starting point must be the message.


Practical Skills Workshops

Once you have a clear idea of your audience and what you want to say to them, HOW can you get your message out there?


Semester-long taught programmes

In recent years, we’ve noticed an increased demand for lecture series and taught programmes that focus on the science of science communication and how to communicate climate change and its impacts.


Not seeing what you need?

If you’re not sure what you need, or you’ve taken a look at our workshops and want something a little bit different, let’s have a conversation. We work with a wide range of organisations and often create customised workshops to meet niche requirements.

To make things simple, why not book a 30 minute call directly into our calendar? We’d love to hear more about your goals and help you explore your options and what approaches might serve you best.