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People, planet, profit. Lots of complex problems.

Fortunately, we humans can solve them. Let’s tackle the challenges together and create a future in which we all flourish.

Facilitation, training and storytelling for a better future

We humans are curious creatures. We do marvellous things with our big brains, and at the same time, we struggle to get our heads around the looming environmental, climate and social challenges that may well wipe us out! The good news is that we’re also adaptable, learning creatures who can consciously choose a better path.

Here at Whitbys, we use facilitation, training and storytelling to guide conversations, build skills, and empower groups to understand and act in the face of today’s sustainability challenges.

We’d love to help you build a bright future. 

We work in three different but inter-connected areas. How can we help you today?


Professional facilitation for organisations who want to understand and navigate sustainability challenges, and thrive in the face of climate disruption.

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Interpersonal, communication skills, and science communication training and workshops for higher education and research organisations.

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The starting place for understanding and tackling climate disruption. Interactive workshops for all.

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