Behind the Business

Suzanne Whitby


Suzanne Whitby has been crafting brands, creating digital solutions, designing marketing material and supporting businesses with a blend of creative savvy, business know-how and marketing insights since 2003.

At Whitby’s, she works with aspiring business owners, creative people and growing businesses who like a plain-English, no-BS approach to visual communications and marketing. She specialises in solutions that are creative, pragmatic, easy to use, and, of course, uncomplicated.

In addition to offering branding, digital, design, marketing and mentoring services, Suzanne brings her skills and expertise in storytelling and interpersonal communications training to projects to help clients in Austria, the UK, South Africa and the USA not only build an engaging and consistent brand and business image, but also to get their messages across clearly to all the right audiences.

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“Suzanne ranks in the top 3% of experts that I have ever met. She is smart, sharp, professional, insightful and delivers great results. I have worked with her as a colleague and on my own business projects. She understands all aspects of communication – online, in person, through visual mediums and cross borders. Suzanne is one of the first people I seek to consult and involve in all my projects. She is outstanding.”

— Rasheed Ogunlaru, Coach, Speaker, Author