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For 14 years, I've been crafting brands, digital experiences and marketing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Now its's time for a new adventure...

What's this?

I started Whitby's Global on a whim at the end of 2003 and was as surprised as could be when my whim turned into a flourishing creative agency with clients dotted around the globe!

Over the years the business grew and the more people I employed, the less fun it became - knowing that you are responsible for the salaries of others in a world that's constantly on the move is a huge responsibility. Over time, it became clear that I was working to keep other people employed, not to do what I loved, which was crafting brands, creating concepts and coming up with ideas that I could turn into digital and design experiences.

In 2016, I helped my team migrate to other agencies and in some cases, start their own, and as of 2017, I only work with a handful of clients each year, providing my unique blend of business background, storytelling, branding insights, digital savvy, design skills, marketing experience and mentoring support.

Typically the people I work with are people I've helped in the past, and people who have been referred to me. Sometimes, the people I work with are simply sick and tired of all the "BS" in the creative and marketing sector and want a straight-talking, no-BS person who can help them with their creative needs. Are you one of those people? Get in touch if you fancy a chat..

If you've stumbled upon this site and simply need help with your WordPress website as opposed to a 360 degree approach to branding, digital, design and marketing know-how, I'd suggest that you pop over to Stress-free WP.

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